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2022 Summer NABC COVID-19 Protocol



COVID-19 is on everyone's mind and for good reason.   The disease can be deadly and bridge players are in a very vulnerable demographic.   Due to the fluid nature of Covid and the variants, the protocols change frequently depending on the disease.   We will comply with all of the currently in effect COVID safety protocols established by the State of Rhode Island, the federal government and the Center for Disease Control. 

The ACBL is responsible for establishing the protocols for Providence.  Effective March 1, 2022 the ACBL will require all ACBL staff, players and volunteers to be fully vaccinated to attend the Providence NABC.  Please go to the ACBL website to upload your proof of vaccination  BEFORE the tournament begins.  In addition, if the Covid community spread rate is high, masks will be required for everyone.  Booster shots are highly recommended. 

Please bring an adequate supply of masks with you.   Masks will not be required if the community spread rate is low or medium.  Please check the Daily Bulletin each day to see if masks will be required for that day.  

Players can always wear a mask for their own personal protection at any time even if masks are not required.  In addition, players are encouraged to use additional safety measures as they deem appropriate for their personal protection.     

Please check the ACBL website to upload your proof of vaccination for their official policy regarding COVID safety protocols at the Providence NABC.